ORIGINAL artwork

‚Äčcarrie jean



Woodland Elf

Your more known for your abstract paintings full of optimistic color. In your pencil and pen work we see a more dynamic personality coming through. What exactly inspires you towards creative sketching works in pen and pencil? 

"I've always enjoyed drawing. Just plain pencil and paper sketching. Somehow, since a pencil has an opportunity for so much detail, it activates the creative side of my brain. I find when I'm drawing there's a balance of creative ideas and precise detail. When i'm drawing, i'm really thinking and visualizing shapes and lines before they go down on paper. I'm trying to find the right lines and shapes to create what my mind sees. I draw fairly quick, so this all happens so fast! I enjoy the process just as much as I enjoy the finished outcome!" - Carrie Jean Walker  

Night Dragon


Email: Carriejean333@gmail.com

Creative sketching